Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The snake

I have got to tell you the funniest story of my life about "THE SNAKE". Last year my niece was helping me clear some stones out of my flower bed because I wanted to plant a butterfly bush. Well, after removing two or three stones, she let out a blood curdling scream, "GRAM, there's a snake skin". I laughed and told her that Grandpa always said once a snake sheds its skin, it leaves. WRONG!! After I promised her this is true, she removes two or three more stones and lets out another louder blood curdling scream, "GRAMMMMM it's the SNAKE" So I am laughing so hard that I am crying, but I get the shovel and chop the snake into. So then I tell her to pick it up & carry it across the road because I can't walk that far and she is screaming "NO, NO it's still moving" I assure her that it is dead but snakes still move for a little while because of their nervous system. WRONG. She finally picks up enough nerve to pick the snake up with the shovel and then I hear the worst scream I have ever heard, "GRAMMMMMMMM". I turned and looked and the snake is crawling up the shovel toward her. Well let me tell you, I laughed so hard I was rolling on the ground. All the time, she's yelling "It's not funny, it's not funny." When I could finally get up, I took the shovel and carried the snake acroos the road and through it in the ditch. Brittany was sitting on the ground shaking from head to toe, sobbing. I felt bad but could not quit laughing. Needless to say, I cannot convince Brittany to move any more stones from a flower bed.

Yellow rose

The blooms on this rose start out a pale yellow but by the time they get full bloom, they turn a rusty orange. I love the transformal of this bush